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You don’t really need the other smaller gears. Replace the saddle with one that is comfortable, like the one from my pictures. Is it possible to upgrade to a 1 by 11 drivetrain on the rockrider 340? BTWIN ROCKRIDER 340 MOUNTAIN BIKE - ORANGE XL . The shifters/gear system are Shimano/Sram, nothing bad to say about them. I am a complete newbie and just bought this bike. After having extensive research to purchase a bicycle for recreational use and exercise, I decided to give a go with Btwind Rockrider 340. b-twin rockrider 340 in good condition,has few scratches here and there but nothing to worried about. collection brinsworth rotherham please see other items thanks BTWIN ROCKRIDER 340 MOUNTAIN BIKE - ORANGE XL. Enjoy low prices every day. Btwin Rockrider 340 Mountain Bike S Orange. It is stucked in the shift before the 3rd. @Rafael, you can screw that adjuster clockwise, that way you can reduce the suspension travel as much as possible so you get more speed if you ride on a flat road with no bumps. Bicicleta MTB ROCKRIDER 340 are o poveste Conceput şi dezvoltat în întregime în Franţa, la BTWIN VILLAGE (Lille), acest MTB este rezultatul muncii experţilor şi practicanţilor pasionaţi de MTB. Bathinda, Punjab. You should get the cosmic one, has double enforced rims, 27.5 wheels. There are cheap models that will do the job just fine, but not the standard one that comes equiped. Is made of aluminum, fells very strong. I say light use because the RockRider 340 is using basic v-brake brakes and has single simple rims . Промотиране Обнови обявата . You definitely want to change them with some better pedals, wider, made of aluminum. Is the front wheel quick release ? Welcome to Decathlon, we stock a wide range of BTWIN. But depends on your weight, I’m 86kg. Has a decent speed. After 2 years of using it, around 3-4k km, the bicycle still works with no issues. "Sloped" unisex frame geometry is suitable for both men and women. Very interesting feeling. The Btwin VTT Rockrider 340 Orange is equipped with helical spring V-brakes that offer precise braking and performance. The saddle is also really bad. Is there any Tipps to Maintain this bike ? @Balaji Definitely get tons of inner tubes in case you get punctures along the way. It is very uncomfortable. @Neil Darlington from what I know you can upgrade only the front one with disk brakes. You will need two pieces of basic rubber when installing the kickstand. Some people that don’t know much about bicycles will think that you ride a top bike made of carbon. Btwin rockrider 340 mountain bike Coventry, West Midlands In excellent as new condition the frame is medium and the wheels are 26 inch would make ideal xmas present collection from binley coventry cv32rl or can deliver locally for cost of fuel. Decathlon Sports India Private Limited - Survey No. But it’s fine anyway. BTWIN Rockrider 340 Mountain Bike 26”Wheel XS 135-150CM Unisex and suit age 10-14yrs. You can ask me anything about the bicycle in the comments. Btwin Rockrider 340 Orange Mountain Bicycle ₹ 12,999/Piece. RockRider 340 Review (Decathlon, B’twin MTB bicycle) This bicycle is one of the cheapest models that have front suspensions and can have a light mtb use, from Decathlon (B’twin). WordPress “http error” when uploading images. @Deepak Gupta, I’ve used the bicycle for quite a while (the twist gear shifter) and they are fine. Bu özellikleriyle yeni başlayanlar için düşük bütçeli bir dağ bisikleti seçeneği olabilir. Buy Btwin Rockrider 340 cycles online at The same tires from Rockrider 340. It depends how fit and trained you are but this bicycle can be used without much effort. Artıları. I would go for the Cosmic one. Rotate it slowly and try to change the gear. The pedals here are made of aluminum (they were like 10 euro and the saddle is from Lidl (supermarket in Europe), called Crivit, around 6-7 euro). I’m 5’8″ with 83 kg weight. The Rockrider 340 2015 features a pair of Ranson Semi-Slick 26x2.0 tires with wheels that include alloy rims that have increased strength and decreased weight. Which one is better rock rider 340 or road racer 700c(unirox), Couple of questions: could I upgrade this bike with Disc Brakes ? It looks and feels very durable. It also helps that the paint is matte, giving a very aggressive look. Rockrider 340 Btwin Rockrider 340 Mountain Bike Pre-owned with numerous marks and scratches and overall in good condition.Last image shows a large scratch on the main frame. Check this video. Also, can I add disc Brakes later on? The Rockrider 340 looks good but I’m little confused between arm twist gears and thumb shifters. Also, the bottle and the bottle cage are not included. BICICLETĂ MTB AVANSAT/EXPERT BĂRBAȚI BTWIN MTB Rockrider 340 C4 Negru/Albastru/Fucsia BTWIN BTWIN. The bicycles are produced by several manufacturers in Asia and Europe. Condition is Used but vgc. Btwin White Riverside 120 Hybrid Cycle, Model Name/number: 8389393 ₹ 10,999/Piece. B-twin rockrider 340 . Get what you need now! has thr odd couple of … A large pressure surface area for more power while pedalling and better steering of your mountain bike. This bicycle is one of the cheapest models that have front suspensions and can have a light mtb use, from Decathlon (B’twin). I got Michelin Wild Grip’r 27.5 * 2.2 on the rear and so far it does a great job. We can upgrade to disc brakes to btwin rickrider 340 models. It might sound funny but I think just because of this detail about the frame, the bicycle is just encouraging the rider and tells him that he’s doing a good job. Made from reinforced 6061-T4T6 aluminium that combines durability and low weight. Get Quote. Ürünün XS kadro boyunun olması nedeniyle seçilmiştir. That’s it. I bought one recently and i cant shift to the 3rd change in the front. Rockrider 520 ST seatpost and clamp size? Also, theres a way to change the wheels/tires for lighter and narrower ones? To change a gear, stop pedaling and use the shifter, then start pedaling slowly. View make model price, reviews, specifications and features. Overall, I love this bike, it is just great for its price. Is it increase the “weight adjuster” to the max or to its min weight? Should I buy Rockrider 340 or Cosmic Trium? The good thing about the brakes is that the levers can be pulled with two fingers, they move very smooth and feel very comfortable. Also, I checked out Firefox Swiss military series and liked the cycle. In that case, you could go with thumb shifters but like I said, it doesn’t matter that much. B'twin Rockrider 340 başlangıç düzeyinde bir dağ bisikletidir. It has a square shape, very different than the usual frames. However, ST 50 has it’s own uniqueness and we will cover that in […] Reinforced 6061-T4T6 aluminium that combines durability and light weight. I also plan to use it for commuting about 9km at a time and 18km a day. If you have better roads, rather get a city bicycle which should be lighter. The frame and other metal parts are still in perfect condition. Enjoy low prices every day. I sold mine and bought the RR520 version. Also a good thing about this bicycle is that it makes almost no sound while running. As I said, the brakes are basic, they have some sort of variation, meaning that if you lightly press them (front – back), they will brake slowly. The first true touring mountain bike: comfortable thanks to a more upright seating position and front suspension. I use it because I have rough roads where I live (city). Hi, @Gerry fernandez, you probably need to adjust the front shifter, better get the bicycle to a service, I think it will be cheap to just adjust the shifter. Should I go tubeless ? Talking about aggression, the top bar of the frame has an interesting position, it is lifted from the handlebars to the saddle part of the frame, giving the impression that while riding, you are always climbing a hill. Bucuresti, Sectorul 4 8 dec. Livrare cu verificare Vanzatorul ofera LIVRARE CU VERIFICARE. BTWIN BTWIN ROCKRIDER 340 YELLOW MTB CYCLE. @Alex Shep, it doesn’t have. The gear and the chain are still in good condition. we are relisting this item as the winner of the last auction couldn't collect in person please only bid if you are able to collect. For dangerous situations, if you press the levers stronger, the bicycle will brake much faster. What can i do? Standard B’Twin MTB tires, 27.5 * 2. Gender MEN'S PEDALS B'Twin Flat Evo VP resin pedals: both sturdy and lightweight. For cruising, you can use the biggest front gear and the last back gear (7). Is one of the things I like on a bicycle, to be silent. Get what you need now! (front, rear or both). B’TWIN is a trademarked brand of bicycles as well as bicycle parts and accessories marketed by Decathlon, a French sporting goods retailer the largest sporting goods retailer in the world with over 1647 stores in nearly 1000 cities in 57 countries and regions (Jan 2020). If you just need a comfortable bicycle for city offroad (if the roads are not very smooth in your country, like in mine, which is Romania). However, there is a big difference riding this bike and one that doesn’t have a front suspension. Btwin Rockrider 340 Cycle, Btwin Rockrider 340 Prices, Reviews, Photos Find make model cycles in India. It is a great choice if you don’t need double enforced rims and disk brakes. Pour répondre au mieux aux besoins de légèreté et de facilité exprimés par les vttistes débutants l équipe a dessiné conçu et testé le vtt rr340 en les impliquant à toutes les étapes. The tires do weigh on the higher side, being manufactured out of a compound that doesn't impress in terms of rolling speed, but ensures a good grip in the corners thanks to the impressive treads. Bicicleta B-twin rockrider 340 Dechalton 26" Biciclete – Fitness - Suplimente » Biciclete 570 lei. It’s also not a great idea since this is a very entry level bicycle. RR 340 has around 16kg. The gears are getting changed smoothly, nothing really to complain. 4.0 out of 5 stars BTWIN RockRider 340 best bike within budget. These parts need to be replaced. If the last gear, 7th has issues, there is a small plastic that can be rotated (near the derailleur). Looks light when lifting it,howerver in the road you can’t understimate its speed when pushing shift to 7 ,really dangerous especially in hills ,the disc won’t stop you when rooling becauwe of its weight… It’s an entry level bike and is ideal for anyone looking to buy their first MTB. Don’t use frame bags with zippers as they will easily scratch the frame. @Abhishek Banerjee, it’s fine for that distance. © 2020 Decathlon Sports India Pvt Ltd. All rights reserved. Only used maybe 3 or 4 times, does have some scratches on the fork from storage (see pic). I would replace the rear tire right away with something better. Condition is "Used". The frame is probably worse than the one from Rockrider. The problems with Risen 3, Review, Honest Opinion, Dragoste 1: Caine (Love 1: Dog) Movie Review, No Spoilers,,,, Losing Internet connection, how to renew the IP – IP conflicts on the same network., Sure cool bike,more like above the average Well not a really for racer but rather leaping mountains. Welcome to Decathlon, we stock a wide range of ROCKRIDER. Other than that, the rest of the parts will work great, the tires, shifters, brakes etc. Astfel, poti deschide coletul si verifica produsul inainte sa platesti. You can get a decent speed with this bicycle. Reviewed in India on 9 September 2015 4 star, since it needs to be improved in some areas.Own this bike 2 days back and started riding to office. Btwin Cycle Ask Price. Replace the pedals with flat aluminum ones. I wish to cycle to loose weight and stay fit. 210 лв. Condition is reflected I’ve changed the rear tire and the front brake pads. Front wheel has quick release, rear doesn’t. BTWIN MTB Rockrider 340 Negru Referință : 8302231 Adaugă la Favorite Produs deja adăugat . Currently showing the delivery options for pincode. Pretty bad tires overall. Almost any middle frame kickstands will work. Beware of scratching the frame. Collection in person or can deliver locally for fuel. One first look, the bike looks pretty similar to the Rockrider 340. The stock one is really thin and it will wear out fast. "Sloped" unisex frame geometry is suitable for both men and women. I don’t think Rorkrider 340 comes with thumb shifters unless you ask them at the store to upgrade. in need of new back wheel has bearing has collapsed and slightly buckled if it doesn't sell i shall replace myself and relist,cheap bike for someone who has spares. I have some questions about this model. visite nuestra tienda en mil anuncios ksi nuevo tenemos más de 1000 artículos a la venta y enviamos a toda españa. Mor... BTWIN ROCKRIDER 340 GREY MTB CYCLE So pls help. Evaluarea utilizatorului Evaluare marimi Hello. Since I just ride inside a city, I set the suspension to the hardest level, I don’t really need suspension. As far as I know, you can’t add disk brakes. Btwin Rockrider 340 Specifications – Find Btwin Rockrider 340 technical specifications, features and performance in India. When you buy the bicycle, you can also get a basic kickstand also from Decathlon. I say light use because the RockRider 340 is using basic v-brake brakes and has single simple rims. What you see in the pictures are replaced pedals and saddle from the stock ones. If you really don’t know what you’re doing, avoid this. Reference: 8359008 ₹ 9,999 28% Off ₹ 13,999. @Brian, it is possible but you will have to replace the rear wheel hub or the entire wheel as well. I am planning to go for a long ride nearly a 500 km .so what all the update have to do for mtb 340.and since this is my first long drive .please guide me further. Bicicleta b twin rockrider 340 naranja de 26 pulgadas. Is just a standard SunTour fork. Bike has some scratches and scuffs and has been used. However, the Brake levers are made from Aluminium and plastic that work fine. On straight road, the highest speed I got was 30 km/h. Brakes ST 100: 4.5 /5 (4) Ghid mărimi. So the shifter don’t matter that much. Bathinda Dev Samaj Chowk Dhobi Bazar, Bathinda - 151001, Dist. A ROCKRIDER RR340 mountain bike-nak története van Ezt a mountain bike-ot Franciaországban, a BTWIN VILLAGE (Lille) elhivatott szakértői csapata fejlesztette. The front and rear of the Rockrider 340 are equipped with decent V-brake with a helical spring for more powerful braking. if not could I upgrade to quick release easily. Is it good enough for commute to college. Not been used at all this year so would benefit from a check over. Reference: 8359148 ₹ 12,999 18% Off ₹ 15,999. B'twin Rockrider 340. The MTB with the best value.. Please contact the above importer address or Tel: +91 - 7676798989 ; Email:, To Sustainably Make the Pleasure and Benefits of Sports Accessible to the Many. You can just replace it. This one is much more comfortable since the front suspension will attenuate the shocks. Total distance ~ 20 kma. How to remove the Lavasoft toolbar (Ad-Aware)? After a year or two, replace the rear tire as you will get a lot of punctures. realizamos los cobros mediante paypal, transferencia bancaria o ingreso en efectivo en nuestra cuenta. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Just place the two pieces of rubber between the kickstand metal parts to protect the frame. Fork/Suspension The fork on the Btwin VTT Rockrider 340 Orange is an 80mm suspension fork with a weight adjuster Velo btwin rockrider 340 prix. BTWIN BTWIN ROCKRIDER 340 GREY MTB CYCLE. Decathlon has recently launched a new mountain bike – The Btwin Rockrider ST 50. Btwin Btwin rockrider 340 mountain bike gear prices, photos, and reviews. National Cycle Works. Kendi segmentinin en ucuzlarındandır. @Abhishek Banerjee forgot about you. Thank you! Besides getting new pedals and saddle, you also really need a kickstand because this bicycle doesn’t come equipped with one. You will get a lot of punctures with these tires. There should be tires with no textures (for city roads), without those bumbers from the default tires. Pls suggest .. whether I can use this bike in normal on-road .It will feel difficult??? I use it almost everyday and I think it’s fine. Ghid mărimi. And tools. I’m using only the 7th (rarely when the road is flat), 6th (most of the time) and 5th when climbing (rarely). Three layers of paint and varnished decorations provide lasting protection. A lightweight aluminium frame and Shimano tourney 21 speeds. Cosmic KC0049 Cosmic Trium 21 Speed Steel Gear Bicycle, Men’s 27.5-inch (Black) You can set it to minimum but I’ve noticed when on the bike that the suspension is slightly used. Exclusive Rockrider 340 frame with a raised steering position for multi-purpose use. Exclusive Rockrider 340 frame, with an upright position for multi-purpose use. For climbing, you can switch to the 5th rear gear. The pedals are made of plastic and they look and feel very cheap. Frame is sound and bike usable but ideally needs a service. 4.5 /5. Get Quote. 78/10, A2 - 0 Chikkajala Village, Bellary Road, Bangalore - 562157, KA, IN. To escalade obstacles and for downhill, you will want to have double enforced rims and disk brakes, in order to not risk your life. does the fork have any lockout mechanism? For riding it in the city, you usually want to use the 6th back gear and second front gear (middle). When you say that you set the suspension to the hardest to almost disable them, what is that you do? It is an entry level to MTB bicycles and by far the most suited bicycle for an amateur as well as professional cyclist.

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